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Half hourly

What is a half hourly meter?

A Half Hourly electricity meter is a specialised type of meter which records data on a half hourly basis and send this data to the energy supplier. This is an automated process which is solely dealt with by the energy supplier and the Half Hourly meter.

How to identify a half hourly meter?

A Half Hourly electricity meter can easily be identified by the profile class which will appear as ‘00’.  If the supply number looks like this on your bill then you have a Half Hourly supply.

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Does my business need a half hourly meter?

Businesses that use electricity frequently and intensively will often have half hourly electricity meters so that their energy demands are met. Half Hourly meters are found in engineering companies, factories, warehouses and big office unit’s for example. By law, if your business has a maximum demand of 100kW or greater in a half hourly period then a business should have a Half Hourly meter.

What is P272?

P272 is an industry legislation which was introduced by industry regulator Ofgem back in November 2015. The regulation resulted in Maximum Demands meters (non Half Hourly) being upgraded to

Half Hourly electricity meters. 

The change meant that suppliers could bill their customers who had been subject to the P272 legislation more effectively meaning that the accuracy of energy bills increased. 


Can the prices for a

Half Hourly meter be negotiated?

Yes you can negotiate the prices and there are a huge range of suppliers out there who we work with who will quote Half Hourly electricity prices. What differs is that the tendering process is slightly longer and the prices are a bit more complex than the typical daily charge and unit rate. 

Acorn Energy will happily highlight these charges and will offer a complementary bill validation which will provide a complete breakdown of the charges which you may not be familiar with. Charges such as FIT, Duos and kVa are all found within a half hourly tariff and all contribute towards the overall spend however can be difficult to identify at times.

For a free bill validation or to see how Acorn Energy can reduce your electricity spend, contact one of our Acorn Energy advisors on 01789 777725.

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