Acorn Energy is a utility broker who have been helping businesses to reduce their energy consumption

and costs since 2015.

We help businesses to save time, effort and money on their energy renewals with a highly rated account management service whilst conducting an effective  tendering process which relies on market intelligence and thorough negotiations between the energy suppliers and our energy consultants.

At Acorn Energy, we offer an honest, transparent and personal service which solely focuses on finding the right energy contracts and business utility solutions for your business needs.

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Our four step plan

1. We identify what you are looking for moving forward and how we could save you time on your energy accounts. Our energy consultants will even offer a free bill validation to you to ensure you aren’t being over charged on rates such as CCl and other charges such as VAT. 

2. One of our energy consultants would then begin the tendering process where we would contact a range of suppliers for the purpose of brokering and gathering a wide range of quotes from a huge range of energy suppliers. Not only would we spend time on negotiating prices but we would also be negotiating services such as Smart Meters which will save you time on your energy accounts.

3. We would then feedback the results of the tender to you and advise on where the best value within the market place is. Market intelligence would also be provided so that you know that the contract you are choosing is the right one for your business. Once you’re ready and you’ve chosen a contract, we’ll overlook the whole process for you by monitoring the contract for you and that the termination is served with your existing supplier to ensure you go live with your new tariff on time.

4. Once the contract is live, our service doesn’t end there. We will continue to track the market for you so that you’re are aware of the market conditions. We will contact you to inform you of any price decreases so that you are given every possible opportunity to access a competitive energy price no matter how far in advance your renewal is.

The Acorn Energy cycle means that throughout the lifetime of

your business, you are effortlessly receiving a competitive tariff

and that you aren’t over paying above the odds for your

electricity, gas or water.


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