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Bill Validation

Unfortunately, energy bills can often include mistakes or inaccurate information that can be costly for businesses. Examples of these faults include incorrect rates of VAT, overestimated or underestimated consumption figures, and incorrect tariff prices. These errors on energy bills often go unnoticed.

We understand that checking bills for your sites and meters can be timely which is why we provide a free bill validation service which means we check the bills so you don’t have to. 

If you have been over estimated on your consumption or have been paying an incorrect rate of VAT, we can apply and handle the refund for you and often these refunds can be backdated several years.

Why choose Acorn Energy?


You are getting the deal you agreed


There is no overcharging due to

contract or administration errors.


The billed consumption is accurate,

avoiding over or under charging.


You aren’t on an out of contract tariff


The correct rates of CCL and VAT are

applied to the bill


You are on the correct meter type

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