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Business green energy

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Green gas

Green Gas is also known as Biomethane and is a product of organic waste from animals, food and food processing waste. Biomethane removes CO2 and in turn decreases the levels of greenhouse emissions. By swapping to a Green gas tariff, you’ll be using a much cleaner energy and will helping to battle global warming and climate change.

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Green electric

Electricity is produced from the use of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are non renewable energy sources and the burning of these fuels are extremely harmful to the environment, hence the drive for the world to use renewable energy sources. Low or no-carbon tariffs can be generated by wind or solar energy and Acorn Energy can offer these tariffs to you and your business.

Acorn Energy understand the benefits of green energy which is why we offer customers a greener option at the point of renewal. 

Green energy is produced via renewable energy sources. These include wind turbines, solar panels, hydropower and bio mass energy. Unlike fossil fuels, the production of this energy doesn’t harm the environment making it a much cleaner and favourable energy.

Acorn Energy can assist with offering green tariffs which will ensure businesses are doing their bit towards battling climate change. Procuring a green tariff for your business is also great for your corporate social responsibility and is something that you can shout about.

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