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Maesglas Sports & Social Club

Joshua Greaves, an Acorn Energy account manager, contacted Paul Burman, who was the treasurer of Maesglas Sports & Social Club, which is a club based in Newport. Paul Burman explained that he felt that the gas and power costs for the club were way too high considering the size of the building and the operational hours.

After analysing the bills, it was obvious as to why the costs were high. The electricity was on an out of contract tariff resulting in a unit price of 25 p/kWh, coupled with a high daily charge. The gas was also on a high unit rate in excess of 6 p/kWh. Joshua then presented Paul Burman with new contracts, resulting in a 50% saving on the electricity and a 40% saving on the gas spends.

'Joshua Greaves of Acorn Energy contacted me and he sourced new contracts for gas and electric resulting in projected savings on the annual bill of £5000 on the electric and £1500 on the gas. There was no cost to the Club as Acorn Energy get their fee off the utility companies. This saved me doing the research myself on switching and we have seen savings from day one.


 Based on my situation, I would recommend using Joshua Greaves of Acorn Energy to find the most suitable utility contract for your Business.'

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